Our chiefs are passionate about serving memorable food. Our friendly and warm staffs are always here providing incredible services.


  4.99    Mango Milk Pudding
  4.99    Taro Milk Pudding
  4.99    Red Bean Milk Pudding
  6.99    Seasonal Fruits Palette

  5.99    Red Bean Pearl Pudding
  6.49    Osmanthus Pearl 
  6.49    Strawberry Black Rice Pudding
  6.49    Taro Black Rice Pudding
  6.99    Grass Jelly  Pudding


  7.99    Creme Brulee Cheese Cake
  7.99    Rasberry White Chocolate Cheese Cake
  7.99    Molten Chocolate Cake
  7.99    Macarron Dome


12.99    Canadian Legend
Charidise House Made Waffle, Topped with Roasted Nuts, Served with Real Maple Syrup, Fresh Mix Fruit
13.99    Pink Christmas
Charidise House Made Waffle, Topped with Fresh Strawberry, Icing Sugar, Drizzled With Strawberry Sauce, Served with house made strawberry sauce and Creme Chantilly
13.99    Mango Tango
Charidise House Made Waffle, Topped with Fresh Mango,  Drizzled With Mango Sauce, Served with Chestnut Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, House Made Mango Sauce

13.99    Popcorn Chicken Waffle
Charidise House Made Waffle with Popcorn Chicken and Maple Syrup